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Welcome to the
National Multiple Sclerosis Tissue Repository

What do we do?

The goal of this project is to build a state-of-the art Multiple Sclerosis (MS) tissue bank to enable scientists to better understand how MS damages the brain and spinal cord.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society has funded our team to collect, archive, and distribute samples from brain donations from individuals with MS and individuals who are healthy. 

We also aim to educate other scientists, patients, and the general public about the importance of brain donation and guide investigators to make the best possible use of these uniquely informative samples.
Who are we?

We have assembled a team of leaders in MS care and research to ensure that these important donations are collected in a respectful manner and shared widely with scientists across the world to accelerate MS research.   

Columbia University:
Philip De Jager, MD, PhD & Claire Riley, MD

Yale University:
David Pitt, MD

National Institute of Neurologic Diseases & Stroke:
Daniel Reich, MD PhD
Interested in participating?
To enroll in this project as a donor, complete the online consent form here.
For any Brain Bank inquiries, contact us here: *insert BB email here*
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