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Evaluating the impact of covid-19 on individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS): a comparison of the experience of this disease between MS and healthy individuals

•     We need your help today to gather information about the experience of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and the general population during the covid-19 pandemic. Most MS patients take one of over a dozen of medications to control their disease, and these medications alter the immune system. These effects are not as strong as those experienced by patients with organ transplants or cancer patients on chemotherapy; however, we do not know today whether MS patients on medication are more susceptible to the virus. This study by the Columbia University MS Center in New York City aims to answer that question.

•     In addition, we want to better understand the impact of the pandemic on your well-being and whether MS patients experience social distancing differently.


•     To accomplish our study, we will compare the experience of healthy people and to that of people of MS, so we appreciate participation from both groups of individuals.


•     If you are interested in learning more about and in joining the study, please click the link below:

•     Xxxlink to consent

•     If you would like to speak to one of our coordinators about the study, please email us at: xxx

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