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Columbia University Irving Medical Center

Multiple Sclerosis Center

Picture MS clinical team

Dr. Philip L. De Jager, MS Center Director

Dr. Claire S. Riley, MS Center Medical Director

Our team of four adult neurologists and one pediatric neurologist have all completed subspecialty training in MS and clinical neuroimmunology. They  are complemented by our nurse practitioner, clinical neuropsychologist and social worker to provide optimal, personalized care for each of our patients.

We often encounter challenging cases given our diverse and international patient population, and the strength of our center is based on our team approach to patient care, where individual cases are discussed as a group to ensure that that the best options are pursued for every patient. 

Our extensive research program is patient-centered to ensure that the latest technologies are used to continuously bring innovations and improvements to the most challenging aspects of MS care. Our International reputation makes us a leader in the management of MS.
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